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    We’ll Promote You


    With a long resume of helping companies across all industries in their promo activities of all kinds, we consider ourselves the best!

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    Skilled Professional


    Led by few seasoned advertising industry pros, our agency delivers innovative solutions across all the mediums available nowadays.

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    We Love Challenges!


    Our ultimate goal and passion are about helping brands to meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures.

About ShowyFlash Us


Welcome to ShowyFlash.com. We are Specialists in Website Design and Advertising. We can put together a stunning website, then promote It to potential customers. We are unique. We use both online and offline marketing. Our specialty is telephone marketing, and speaking to real people that can make a decision. Currently we have been in the Real Estate Industry for the past four years. We help generate hundreds of Market Appraisals. We also source Buyers and Sellers on behalf of Real Estate Agencies across NSW.

Experience Galore


We are an Australian Small Business and leading in communications and marketing systems. We are your best choice. We are not limited by any industry type. Our levels of Experience can assist your business. Why not give us a call.

Skilled Professional


Led by the advertising industry, we deliver innovative solutions across all the mediums available nowadays. We are highly skilled and our approach to all tasks is Professional.

We Love Challenges!


Our ultimate goal and passion are about helping brands to meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures. We enjoy the challenge and listen to our customers. We perform at high levels and maintain our Customers Expectations.

Huge Works Portfolio

Over all those years, we’ve implemented some of the most iconic and digital business solutions. We have worked for large numbers of clients over the years. We can share the results with you.

Our Skills

If you work in the advertising industry, staying up-to-date is a crucial job requirement! We are skilled in the following:

  • Telephone Marketing for Real Estate and Any Industry
  • Website Design and Online Presentations for Your Business
  • Sales both face to face, and over the phone in any field
  • In home presentations of products by way of Direct Sale
  • Telecommunications and Security Industry Experience

These are just a few. Please feel free to Call Us to discuss.

Services We Offer


Over the years of being in the industry, we’ve made sure to have a lineup of services.

Telephone Marketing


When it comes to telephone marketing, one cannot underestimate the importance of the content. This is why we have professional solutions...

Real Estate Agents


We are Specialists for the Real Estate Industy. We can cater for Phone Marketing and seek out New Opportunities for Sellers and Buyers and Property Management. Call us!

Digital Online / Offline


Using the new media in a successful way is all about crafting a conversation that generates leads and sales for your company.

Creative Advertising


Creating content, images and big ideas for your next advertising campaign is perhaps nothing less, than an artform... It's just that...

Brand Identity


Your brand's visual identity is a critical part of your business. That's because customers always see your brand through their eyes first!

Public Relations

We are indeed a holistic, 360* full cycle service. We are happy to offer public relations services to all of our customers.


Having helped to increase the sales for companies so far, many of our clients wrote nice reviews! Due to Privacy we do not publicy display our Clients. However PLEASE call us and we can show you countless written Testimonials. We also keep statistics for all of the Phone Marketing Solutions on offer.



Postal Mail

PO Box 14

Lithgow NSW 2790

Phone Us


Phone: 02 6351 3333

(Telemarketers Not Welcome)

Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 800 – 05:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 12:00
Sunday: Closed