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We build Online Websites for your Business or Personal interests.

We build "Flash" technology websites. We also build in Standard HTML Websites.

We create business and personalised movie style presentations in CD/DVD format.

All multimedia solutions!

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We build websites in many styles. We can work out a suitable design for your business. Don’t forget to save this website and "add to favorites." More updates coming!

HTML Static Websites

We are now in a position to offer you a HTML Static Website (non Flash) if you prefer it. HTML sites can be used for any sort of business, and they are more Search Engine Optimised and friendly. Certain types of businesses need HTML as opposed to Flash. Why not contact us about a New Website!

What is "Flash"

You are looking at a "Flash" technology website. It contains moving pictures or graphics. It can have sound, and it is interactive. It can have a personalised voice sales message as well! It's like a movie. It's usually visually appealing.

What we can do for you

We can enhance your advertising, and make your business presentations more appealing. Visit our "Services" page for details. These include:

• "Basic Website"

• "Slideshow Movie Website"

• "Slideshow Movie Talking Website"

• "Video Website"

• "Any kind of Product or Service"

• "Do It Yourself in Flash"

Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote? We can tailor make a presentation in "Flash" style, that will dazzle and sparkle! Contact us for details. We have many styles of presentation.

Simply tell us what you require, and we would be happy to choose a design, that will suit your business.

Turnkey "Flash" websites, and business presentations are dynamic, highly graphic, and full of multimedia interactivity. The potential client is given something to remember. At least they will be, if it is designed correctly. It takes professionals who understand the facilities, and design requirements of "Flash." have the skills to make an affordable "Flash" website design, or business presentation, without compromising quality.

These products can become a powerful marketing tool for your company.

"Flash" designs are interactive, and they create long lasting impressions on the minds of your visitors.

Please ask questions. We may be contacted by telephone. We would be pleased to assist you or answer any questions.

"Basic Website"

Are you a small business? We create small promotional "Flash" technology websites with several pages and images. We can duplicate or convert your existing website to a "Flash" website, and it will be an upgrade in some cases. We can create a "Basic Website" from scratch. Our "Basic Website" normally includes about 4-8 pages. It is built and tailor made to suit your business. Contact us for details.

"Slideshow Movie Website"

We create "Flash" websites that are 'full size.' They are much larger than the basic type. We can create or convert larger websites to "Flash" and install them onto the Internet, to promote your business. Our "Slideshow Movie Website" is a much larger version of the "Basic Website" and it may have a Slide Presentation in the form of "Flash." It may have background music.

"Slideshow Movie Talking Website"

We can create or convert your slide presentation into a "Flash" technology website. Let us explain how they work and what the advantages may be for your business. Slide Presentations are designed to display photos, or words or anything in the form of slides. Its like a movie projector displaying the slides one after the other and the audience may view them in the form of a presentation. If you have a slide presentation, we can design a "Flash" presentation to duplicate it onto the Internet and turn it into a "Flash" website. There are some major advantages of turning it into a "Flash" website.

It can be viewed by anyone worldwide

It can have background sound in the form of a voice sales message.

Just imagine ... Your website visitor goes to your website and from the opening page, they can be 'walked' through your website and sales presentation! This form of presentation is very powerful and if your website is designed correctly, it can motivate your potential client to phone, email, fax, or even order products direct from your website!

"Video Website"

Do you have a promotional video that you want to display on the Internet? IF Is it a training or sales presentation, we can create a "Flash" style of presentation, and include a Video online to promote your product or service. Its like a "Talking Website" that sells your product and promotes you.

"Any kind of Product or Service"

Do you have a product or Service that you would like to promote? We can tailor make a presentation for you in "Flash" style, that will dazzle and sparkle!

"Do it yourself in Flash"

Do you want to be able to create a Flash Technology website, and edit, and change it yourself? We have the solution!

If you have an existing website

We can convert your existing website to a "Flash" design. You can have "live links" to your existing website. You can use your new "Flash" website to 'point' to the various pages such as your "order" page or "home page."

We can help you upgrade your website. Your new "Flash" website can act like a 'hook' to entice your visitors to go to your existing website. We can design it to operate from the Internet, or it can operate directly from a CD or DVD or EMAIL or FLOPPY disk. Think carefully about this facility. You do not need an Internet website in some cases! You may send the whole presentation to your client in "one file." Your client simply needs to double click on the file, and sit back, and watch! You can distribute it on CD, or DVD, or Email and Floppy disks in most cases.

If you do not have a website

We can create a presentation that does not need the Internet at all! It will be in the form of "Flash" technology. The difference is that the presentation will operate from "one file." Imagine the possibilities! Your potential clients will contact you, and you will be able to send them an entire presentation with all of your details and products by EMAIL or CD or DVD or even a FLOPPY disk in most cases. You can have these installed onto the Internet at a later date, and they can be a website.

We offer a worldwide service are Australian based. We provide website design, and business promotion services. We provide a fast and efficient service. If you wish to take advantage of our low pricing, then place an order whilst the rates are lower than most firms.

R M Ditomo

ABN 71 068 928 104

Office 1300-530-995

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